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Using your PC in the different networks? Need to handle different types
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21 May 2004

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IPSwitcher Basic provides the much required flexibility and mobility in system usage in today’s fast-moving world.
There are times when you need your computer to move with you. You need to use a computer in multiple networks with multiple types of Internet connections. This tool helps you overcome the restriction of having only one connection. If you require to switch between a DSL, Cable or other network connection and change your TCP/IP related settings each time use the IPSwitcher Basic. It is a one time effort configuring your connections and you can use the tool to switch between connections every time. By clicking an icon on the system tray you can select the desired configuration in no time. What makes its usage even smoother is that you do not need to restart your system each time you re-configure. Choose a connection depending on your requirement.
A unique tool to suit the needs of a busy, mobile lifestyle.

Publisher's description

Are you a mobile user?
Do you need to use your computer in more than one network?
Do you have multiple types of Internet connections?
IPSwitcher Basic is an answer to your needs! It has been developed for those people, who work dynamically at several locations in the network (due to their business) and for those, who need to be connected in different offices. Also if you have several different types of connection at home (like DSL, Private Internet connection, Home network etc.) - then you should use IPSwitcher Basic.
From now and on - you don't need to change your TCP/IP related settings every time when you are connected to the network. All you need is just to configure once any of your possible locations (e.g. IP addresses, Subnet masks, Gateways, DNS and WINS addresses) throughout the user-friendly interface and that's it! From this moment all you need is just to click the icon in the system tray, select your desired configuration by it's name - and IPSwitcher Basic will do for you the rest of changes in a moment!
Another useful feature of IPSwitcher Basic - it can handle several network adapters! That means that each configuration could be defined for the specific adapter and you can choose any of the currently enabled adapters. Also it is possible to refresh the network adapter's list right from the program. And finally the most exciting thing - you do not need to reboot your PC every time after applying of the selected configuration. Your new configuration will be active in the system in a jiffy!
IPSwitcher Basic
IPSwitcher Basic
Version 1.3.13
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